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The Sunriver Art Fair is back in 2021!

  • COVID regulations permitting, there will be an in-person event in the Village at Sunriver August 13-15.
  • At the same time, even if there is no in-person show, we will sponsor a virtual (online) fair from August 13 through September 26.
  • The show is juried and artists who are accepted can participate in either or both events.

The virtual art fair is hosted on Eventeny, an online platform.

  • Showcase your work to hundreds of people without leaving your studio!
  • Use this marketing opportunity to keep your work in front of the public and connect with new buyers.
  • Your virtual “shop” will be directly linked to the Sunriver Art Fair.
  • You can also apply to other art fairs linked to Eventeny.
  • Sunriver Art Fair Eventeny home page

To help our artists succeed with this new art fair concept, the Sunriver Art Fair is …

developing a new and aggressive marketing effort directed at Sunriver Art Fair shoppers.

providing a range of resources to help you set up your virtual shop: video tutorials, step-by-step written instructions, links to successful artist shops, artist webinars, and email or live chats.

preparing to send you best practices guidelines to help you create an appealing shop that can be updated at any time and submitted to other art festivals in addition to the Sunriver Art Fair.

   Tutorials and Resources

Start here if you are new to Eventeny:



How to Setup Your Virtual Shop – Videos created by Eventeny

Best Practices: Vendor & Artist

For vendors and artists: setting up their virtual shop for the first time can be nerve-wrecking. So, here’s a couple of preliminary points to keep in mind while creating your page.


ArtFest Fort Meyers Eventeny Virtual Shop Information.

ArtFest Fort Meyers in Florida has shared their tutorials and PDF’s for anyone who wants to use it.   Click above to view their webpage.

Please use the Contact Form below if you have any questions or need help from the Sunriver Art Fair Virtual Team.  You can also email directly at